Chapter History

Our Chapter was originally chartered on October 28, 1979. The Theta Sigma chapter is the 184th link in the Chain of Chapters.

We were recolonized in April of 2013, with 12 original members and 52 new members. We are a diverse mix of women including athletes, student organization leaders, resident assistants, and numerous other involved students in the campus community.

With the guidance of our advisers and our Director of New Chapters, the members of the renewed Theta Sigma chapter have worked vigorously to transform the chapter into what it has become today. Over the past few years, we have been named Chapter of the Month multiple times and received the Outstanding Program and Intramural Champions awards at the All Greek Awards 2015. Theta Sigma was also elated to have received the Crown Chapter Award at the 2014 National Convention, 2015 National Leadership Conference, and again at the 2018 ZTA Convention. At the 2019 Winthrop Greek awards, Theta Sigma was given the Outstanding Philanthropy Award. 

Our history has grown us into the thriving and evolving chapter we know and love, and we are looking forward to the new challenges and triumphs that are to come in our future!

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